Limit to view topic title only?

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Limit to view topic title only?

Сообщение Charles » Ср июн 13, 2018 1:04 pm


I’ve only just been put on to wpForo and it looks a lot more comprehensive than bbPress, which is great. However the MAIN feature I am looking for I’m not sure exists on wpForo or not, perhaps you could confirm?I’m trying to create a three-tiered user system, say bronze, silver and gold. I’d like for all bronze users to be able to only view the topic titles of the silver and gold forums, not the content or the replies. Basically I’m wanting to tease the bronze members so they can see there is activity in the gold forums/topics, but not allow them access to the content. If I set bronze at read-only, they’ll still be able to read the content, so is there a way of making the topic titles read-only and the content within the topic hidden to bronze users?

Please help.

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References:- ... itle-only/
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