Bug Report: Windows 7 Start Menu appears...

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Bug Report: Windows 7 Start Menu appears...

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Problem:If your start menu button is replaced, with classic, metro or a custom button, the original start menu native to the windows 7 appears.To replicate click near the right side of a button on a exact spot. The location is about 1 pixel wide and tall as the button itself.location is on the red line.Maybe it is just my system, but i think it's worth checking out as it is simple to check for.I did change practically every setting on the classic start menu so let me now if you need additional info.
Unfortunately i don't have the time to reinstall everything to test the default settings.lp, dexter.PS; I'm using classic theme for my windows 7.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

http://www.classicshell.net/forum/viewt ... ?f=12&t=69
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